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Kevin Davis

Co-Founder & CEO
Kevin's first introduction to media was as an intern at MTV and his professional career started behind the scenes in TV production. After several years on-air at a handful of radio stations he eventually moved into a variety of Business Development and Marketing roles at numerous Media properties and two of the largest financial services companies in the world.  

Michael Robinson

Co-Founder & CTO
Michael got his first taste of Entrepreneurship running adventure education programs for schools in the US and abroad. With a passion for leading teams Michael built Geographic Information Systems for non profit organizations seeking to educate their users on water usage, Emergency Response systems for municipalities and has custom built reservation software for travel outfitters throughout North America.

Rob Gaige

Co-Founder & CSO
After quickly realizing that he was a horrible English teacher, Rob settled into the much easier world of corporate America. He saw the highs of an up-and-coming AOL, and the lows of a down-and-out financial services company. In between, he's marketed everything from women's facial moisturizers at Johnson & Johnson to chicken prosciutto tortellini at Nestle. 

About Rawporter

Rawporter protects, promotes and sells the photos and videos that everyday people post on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen how valuable eyewitness footage of breaking news can be, and we’re here to help protect that content and make it easier to find for media outlets that are eager to license it.

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